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Sustainability? That's what our customers say!

Sustainability coolers? – This is what our customers say!

Sustainability and environmental protection are more important than ever. But how important are these topics really?

At the end of 2022 we conducted a survey to get more information about the current market situation and demands for energy efficient coolers. The result shows, that sustainability is an important topic for 70% of our customers. 33% of the surveyed companies already started to adjust their sustainability concept and are working on continuous improvements.

Furthermore, the survey shows that most of the customers are looking for the energy class instead of the consumption per kW/h. Many buyers are influenced by the color of the energy label without paying attention to the actual consumption values. Most people don´t know that the energy class can be rated in two different ways! This gives some manufacturers an advantage for the label color, although the energy consumption is higher than the consumption of comparable devices from competitors. Due to the traffic light system the colors green and yellow have a positive trigger, which associates a kind of demand and buying decision in our brain. Whereas orange and red can be taken as a warning. In 80% of the cases the energy consumption will not be considered.

In the following weeks we are going to launch further information about the survey. Follow our LinkedIn-Account for all further information.

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