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Gastro-Cool plant 1.000 trees!

Gastro-Cool plant 1.000 trees!

Gastro-Cool, in partnership with "Unternehmen Wald," has planted 1,000 trees as part of its ongoing effort to give back to the environment. Some company employees traveled to a nearby forest near Wuppertal to take part in the planting, equipped with shovels and spades.

Under the supervision of the landowner, the planting of the first trees began. The project, named Gastro-Forest, was initiated, and spearheaded by former CEO Christian Machers. The new CEO, Niklas Sluyter, plans to continue the project. "I really like the idea of reforestation and think it is important to give back something to the environment," said Mr. Sluyter. "I fully support the initiative." This is just the beginning for Gastro-Cool.

The company aims to create more forested areas and expand the Gastro-Forest each year. The goal is to plant a tree for every product sold. While this may seem ambitious, Gastro-Cool is committed to making it happen. For further information on reforestation, visit

Click HERE to watch a video about this project.

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