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Cooler, round with wheels - display cooler - black - GCPT45

Unfortunately we have stopped the production of this model and is no longer available. Fortunately, we got alternatives.
Can Cooler - GCPT40
Can Cooler - GCPT40 - Front
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VAT : 46.55€
Price incl. VAT: 291.55€

Currently not available

Price incl. VAT: 291.55€
Can Cooler Design - GCPT75
Gastro-Cool - Can Cooler - GCPT75 -
333.00€ *
VAT : 63.27€
Price incl. VAT: 396.27€

In stock / Available

Price incl. VAT: 396.27€
Party Cooler for Drinks - the agile thirst quencher This modern design is sure to attract... more

Technische Daten

Volumen (netto): 45 l
Cooling Functions: Cooling & Freezing
Temperature Range: -8°C - 8°C
HxWxD (Exterior): 75,0 x 45,0 x 45,0 cm
HxWxD (Interior): 37,0 x 35,5 x 35,5 cm
Volume: 52 l
Capacity Cans: 42 Dosen 0,5 l, 54 Dosen 0,33 l slim, 63 Dosen 0,33 l, 80 Dosen 0,25 l
Capacity Bottles: 16 Flaschen 0,7 l, 32 Flaschen 0,5 l, 38 Flaschen 0,33 l
Electrical connection: 220-240 V / 50 Hz / 68 W
Energy Consumption: 1,40 kWh/24h
Energy efficiency class: F
Climate Class: N/ST
Weight: 19 kg
Height: 75
Width: 45


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  • 3 Mobilitätsrollen
Product information "Cooler, round with wheels - display cooler - black - GCPT45"

Party Cooler for Drinks - the agile thirst quencher
This modern design is sure to attract attention. After all, everyone knows square refrigerators. But a keg? Curiosity quickly leads consumers to the cooling ton, the view falls through the transparent hinged lid on the drinks - and already the thirst is awakened! The busy party cooler is known for encouraging impulse buys and spontaneous purchases. As a round refrigerator, it has clear advantages over its angular counterparts. Its flexibility, in particular, is a truly round thing! Two trays can be attached to the sides, it stands on mobility wheels and has practical handles. This beverage cooler knows how to quench your thirst for cool drinks and agile design at the same time. The Party Cooler can also be used as a promotional cooler. Individually designed, it can be used for excellent advertising. Ask us about it! Special prices for larger quantities (from 10 units) can be requested here. The Party Cooler is also available for 40, 75 and 85 liters. The round refrigerator with wheels is a commercial refrigerator, which may only be used commercially.

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