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New CEO after almost 20 years!

New CEO after almost 20 years!

After nearly 20 years of successfully developing and expanding Gastro-Cool, a company specializing in innovative commercial coolers, Christian Machers now hands over the reins to Niklas Sluyter who has already been working for Gastro-Cool for 13 years.

"Mr. Sluyter has been an integral part of the company since 2009 and has always been instrumental in it's successful development to date. I am sure that his experience and knowledge will also benefit the company in his future role," said Mr. Machers when asked what led him to the decision to fill the position internally. Niklas Sluyter: "I am very grateful for the trust placed in me and, despite the big shoes I am filling. I am already looking forward to the new challenge!" During the transition period, Mr. Sluyter will continue to be the contact person for the key accounts that he has been in charge of up to now, but they will also be supported by the rest of the sales team. Gastro-Cool GmbH & Co. KG will continue to provide reliable support. Mr. Machers, on the other hand, as the creative head of the company, will in the future deal more intensively with product development/innovation as well as the area of marketing and thus continue to actively participate in the day-to-day business.

Gastro-Cool is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and energy-efficient refrigeration and freezer solutions for the beverage industry, gastronomy and retail. With individual promotional and glass door refrigerators as well as a comprehensive service, the company supplies customers worldwide, primarily from the beverage industry.

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