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EuroShop 2023 incoming!

After 2020, the world's largest retail trade show will take place again this year in Düsseldorf. We are particularly looking forward to presenting our new and innovative ECO STAR models, which can easily save up to 48% energy.
To go with growing digital needs of internet users and to present 3D animations, Gastro-Cool plans to relaunch in the first half of 2023. We're very looking forward to it.
Gastro-Cool has organized an art auction in cooperation with the Düsseldorf Festival. The art object, a retro refrigerator, was hand-painted and individually designed by the artist Anja Koal. The proceeds of 1,400.00 EUR went in full to KRASS e.V., which has been promoting education and culture for children and young people since 2009.

New CEO after almost 20 years!

After almost 20 years of successfully building and managing the company, Christian Machers is now handing over the steering wheel to his long-time colleague Niklas Sluyter, who has moved from sales management to management as of 01 January 2023.