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On October 7th, the Anuga kicks off in Cologne. Gastro-Cool is proud to be part of the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages once again this year. The company will both be showcasing exciting new developments and innovations and supporting various start-up companies in collaboration with Koelnmesse.
While summer, the peak season in our industry, often causes supply shortages for many manufacturers, Gastro-Cool stands apart. Our production runs seamlessly, meticulously managed by our sales team. With a consistent stock of nearly 10,000 units, we guarantee reliable supply to our customers, even during challenging times.
Exciting news: Our ECO-STAR series qualifies for government funding in Austria! Thanks to their exceptional energy efficiency, our ECO-STAR and ECO-STAR+ products are eligible for financial support. This means potential price reductions or refunds that will surely captivate our international customers. Stay updated and seize this opportunity now!
Flexible cooling solutions are crucial during the summer, the prime time for festivals, parties, and events of all kinds. To ensure guests are always provided with refreshing beverages and ice, our refrigeration and freezer units are designed to be portable and adaptable.
We would like to say “thank you” to all visitors for your time and all the good talks we had. Also, in UK our new ECO STAR product line drew attention and shows that many companies are already dealing with the issue of sustainability & energy consumption. Additional also some of our “customized” coolers like the GD175 or the AP50 can cooling dispenser were an eye catcher!
We would like to invite you to this year's Food & Drink Expo in Birmingham from the 24th to the 26th of April. At the Gastro-Cool Booth J209, you can see our latest innovative products, including our environmentally friendly "ECO STAR" series, which can help you save up to 50% on energy costs. In addition, we're excited to showcase our newly redesigned can dispenser range, featuring our patented "First-In, First-Out" process.
After 2020, the world's largest trade fair for the retail industry will take place again this year in Düsseldorf. We are particularly looking forward to presenting our new and innovative ECO STAR models to you.
Sustainability and environmental protection also play a role for our customers. But how important is the topic really? A recent survey shows that more than 70% of our customers consider sustainability to be important and have already started to adapt their company accordingly.

Gastro-Cool plant 1.000 trees!

Gastro-Cool and „Unternehmen Wald“ have partnered to plant 1,000 trees in an effort to give back to the environment. The company aims to create more forested areas and expand the Gastro-Forest annually…
Gastro-Cool has been supporting Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for five years already.
Also in 2023 we are an official partner company of the organisation which has been active worldwide since 1971…

EuroShop 2023 incoming!

After 2020, the world's largest retail trade show will take place again this year in Düsseldorf. We are particularly looking forward to presenting our new and innovative ECO STAR models, which can easily save up to 48% energy.
To go with growing digital needs of internet users and to present 3D animations, Gastro-Cool plans to relaunch in the first half of 2023. We're very looking forward to it.
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