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Food & Drink Expo Birmingham 2024
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NEU – KS600 Lagerkühlschrank für Kästen
Glass door refrigerators are an indispensable component for the catering and retail sectors. The appliances are able to keep food at a stable and safe temperature to guarantee its freshness and shelf life. One of the most important factors when choosing a glass door refrigerator is the climate class.
Due to two different testing standards, confusion regarding supposedly better energy efficiency often comes up for end customers. Could this confusion possibly be intended by some companies?
Thanks to our well-stocked warehouse we can provide quick and short-term delivery. Orders received by 21 December 2023 can still be shipped within this year. Please note that for orders placed after 15 December 2023, we cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas or within this year.
For many years, Gastro-Cool has supported various social and relief projects. For example, every employee has the opportunity to make a birthday donation funded by Gastro-Cool.
We would like to thank you for a successful year and wish you a good start into the new year. We look forward with great anticipation to new projects awaiting our team in 2024.
On October 7th, the Anuga kicks off in Cologne. Gastro-Cool is proud to be part of the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages once again this year. The company will both be showcasing exciting new developments and innovations and supporting various start-up companies in collaboration with Koelnmesse.
While summer, the peak season in our industry, often causes supply shortages for many manufacturers, Gastro-Cool stands apart. Our production runs seamlessly, meticulously managed by our sales team. With a consistent stock of nearly 10,000 units, we guarantee reliable supply to our customers, even during challenging times.
Exciting news: Our ECO-STAR series qualifies for government funding in Austria! Thanks to their exceptional energy efficiency, our ECO-STAR and ECO-STAR+ products are eligible for financial support. This means potential price reductions or refunds that will surely captivate our international customers. Stay updated and seize this opportunity now!
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